Roxanne Fawcett


Roxanne Fawcett is a local designer and artist. She lives with her husband, Shannon and their high school daughter Riley.

Roxanne’s art is generally done in a representational style with acrylic paint, playing with different mediums applied to canvas or paper with brushes, pallet knife, fingers and squirt bottles.

She is inspired by nature in its many forms, colors and moods. From the soft color of a flower, the bright energy of a fish, the glimpse through a window to the play of light on feather and leaf. She strives to take form and simplify it, take color and intensify it, to capture the energy with line and texture.

Roxanne has been creating art most of her life – from doodling as a child to graphic design, stained glass, residential and landscape architecture…to painting.

Please visit her website at to view her online gallery. Feel free to contact her at

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